Posted on Apr 10, 2021

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Feature Walls - Paint or Paper?
Hello to all, Todays feature poses the difficult question of "Feature Wall - Should I Paint it or Wallpaper it"? There is no easy answer, with so many Quality Paints and Wallpapers the choice is endless. When I Wallpapered this very tall feature wall on a Staircase, I took a moment to look at the quality of the paper, its finish and colour.

Unlike paints which really do vary in quality and are hard to imagine while they are in the tin on a shelf in the DIY Store, Wallpaper can be viewed properly, allowing the buyer to have a better and more informed choice.

Although deciding if a feature wall should be Painted or Wallpapered (a problem in itself) the choice is the ultimate challenge. I personally like both, I'm not sitting on the fence here because its easier to be neutral, I'm just pointing out that because of the sheer choice of manufacturers and quality it becomes hard to call.

I added at the request of my customer an Oak Hand rail and Custom made Oak Mounting plinth for support and structure, both the hand rail and mount are made from American White Oak and finished to a Satin appearance, this handrail not only looks good but adds superb functionality for the household, so boxes are ticked for form and function here.

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